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Public Engagement

Our vibrant engagement programme provides opportunities for researchers to convey their work to the public and for the public to find out what we do. In 2013 Dr Jane Haley, the Edinburgh Neuroscience Coordinator, was awarded the British Neuroscience Association Award for the Public Understanding of Neuroscience, making this an award-winning engagement programme!

Art-Science Collaborative

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Brain Awareness Week


Come and Find Us At:

Penicuik Community Cinema
'Inside Out'
Sunday 22nd May 2016
with neuroscience activities for children
more info soon

Pint of Science at The City Cafe
The ageing brain: what's normal, what's not
Monday 23rd May 2016
Spaghetti brains and stem cells
Tuesday 24th May
Brain plus technology:robo-limbs and cyber-brains

Wednesday 25th May 2016
more info

College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine - Inaugural Lectures
What's the RUSH (Research to Understand Stroke due to Haemorrhage)?
Professor Rustam Al-Shahi Salman,
Chair of Clinical Neurology
30th May 2016
more info

Film Evenings


getBRAINY Workshops

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Public Lectures



Useful Links & Resources

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Past Events

Make Me A Scientist!


Edinburgh Film Festival

link to Film Festival website

Build-A-Brain Workshops


Edinburgh Neuroscience Public Engagement is currently supported by:

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Edinburgh Neuroscience Public Engagement has been supported in the past by:

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link to The WEllcome Trust home page
European Dana Alliance
for the Brain
A small project grant from
The University of Edinburgh Development Trust

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