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Seminar Series Timetable

This timetable attempts to detail when seminar series that may have content related to neuroscience are normally scheduled to take place. Please be aware that there are often additional seminars and/or changes to the normal schedule. The organisers of each seminar series are indicated (click on their names to contact them) and online information about each seminar series can be accessed by clicking on the website hyperlinks. Occasional or very variable seminar series are listed below the weekly timetable.

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Psychology - Cognitive Ageing Journal Club
12.30 pm, weekly, term time only
Psycholog Bld, George Sq
Stuart Ritchie

1 - 2 pm, alternate weeks
Chancellor's Bld, Little France
HongYan Zhang
David Lyons
Anna Williams

Geriatric Medicine

1.15 – 2 pm 1st Mon of month
Royal Infirmary, Little France
Maureen Harding
Alexandra Kilgour

Psychology Colloquia
5 - 6.30 pm, weekly
Psychology Bld, George Sq
Thomas Bak


Informatics – Adaptive & Neural Computation

11 am - 12 noon, weekly
Informatics Forum
Charles Sutton

Cardiovascular Sciences
12 - 1 pm, weekly
QMRI, Little France
Nik Morton
Heather Laing


Royal Infirmary Grand Round

1 - 2 pm, weekly
not listed on website

Western General Grand Round
1 – 2 pm, weekly
Kelly Black
Brian Campbell
not listed on website

CCBS - Edinburgh Clinical Trials & Epidemiology Seminars
2 – 3 pm, weekly
Western General Hospital
Will Whiteley

CCBS – Psychiatry
4 - 5 pm, alternate weeks
Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Morningside
Stephen Lawrie

Easter Bush Research Consortium
4 – 5 pm, weekly
Roslin institute, Midlothian
organised by: Helen Sang
neuroscience contacts:

Rona Wilson
Barry McColl

Models in Science and Cognition Reading Group
4.30 - 5.30 pm, weekly
Dugald Stewart Building
Eugene Philalithis

Informatics – Perception, Action, Behaviour

11am - 12 noon, weekly
Bastiaan Boom

Cardiovascular Sciences: Research in Progress
12 - 1 pm, weekly
QMRI, Little France
Heather Laing

Brain Research Imaging Centre
1 -1.30 pm, monthly
Western General Hospital
Maria Valdes Hernandez
Moira Henderson

Cognitive and Neural Systems
1 - 2 pm, approx monthly
Tara Spires-Jones


Genetics and Molecular Medicine
1 - 2 pm, approx weekly
various venues, Western General Hospital
Eilidh Guild

Clinical Neurosciences - Academic Half Day
1.15 pm, weekly
(sandwich lunch from 1pm)
Suvankar Pal

Philosophy, Psychology and Informatics Reading Group
4.30 pm, alternate weeks
7 George Square
Dave Ward

Regenerative Medicine

12 – 1 pm, weekly
Roger Land Bld, King's Buildings
Abenour Soufi

Integrative Physiology
12.30 – 1.30 pm, weekly
Hugh Robson Bld, George Sq
Emanuel Busch
Mandy Jackson

Inflammation Research
12 - 1 pm, weekly
QMRI, Little France
Gillian Macleod

Psychology - Human Cognitive Neuroscience
4 - 5 pm, weekly
Psychology Building, George Square
David Carmel


Cognitive Ageing & Cognitive Epidemiology
generally 5 pm, variable day, approx every 3 months, Psychology Bld, George Sq
St Andrews Day Seminar is always on 30th November
Beverly Roberts, website

Cognitive Neuroimaging
4 - 5 pm, usually on a Thursday, about twice a year at the moment, 1 George Square
Cyril Pernet
not listed on website

Edinburgh Aphasia Interest Group
generally ~2 - 4.30 pm, usually on a Friday, about four times a year at the moment, George Sq
Anna Jones

Informatics – Adaptive & Neural Computation Neuroinformatics/ Doctoral Neuroinformatics & Computational Neuroscience Joint Seminar
11 am - 12 noon, usually once a month on a Tuesday
Informatics Forum
Charles Sutton

Neurological Student Society (Edinburgh University)
Occasional, various locations
Rory Piper, website

Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences Interdisciplinary Seminars
Occasional, Psychology, 7 George Square
Thomas Bak, Website

SBMS Postgraduate Social Seminar Series
generally a Thursday at 4.30 pm, approx once a month during term time,
Peter Duncan, Hannah Parkin, Ines Amorim, Sarah Tennant, website

Scottish TSE Network
full or half day event, usually a Tuesday, approx once a term,
Rona Wilson, website

Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology
12 noon - 1 pm, Usually on Mondays, weekly or alternate weeks

Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility Seminars
Occasional, various locations

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