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Welcome to EdNeuro.PhD, your gateway to finding a PhD project within Edinburgh Neuroscience.  Our PhD students are an important and integral part of our community and this website is designed to allow you to find a PhD project that suits you, whether you are interested in human behaviour, neuronal circuits, stem cell regeneration, psychiatry, psychology, neurology or molecular mechanisms.

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What Our Students Say

"Edinburgh is a community. This was essential for me as a PhD student and I think it is essential for science. People need to open their doors, talk to colleagues, share and learn - Edinburgh nurtures this and it is a very special place as a result."  Dr Tim O'Leary, former PhD student, now Charles A King Trust Postdoctoral Fellow, Volen Center for Complex Systems, Brandeis University, USA and Peter & Patricia Gruber International Research Award winner 2014

"I am really enjoying studying for my PhD here in Edinburgh. I have found the environment to be supportive and friendly. There is a good community both within the lab and with other labs in the department and people are always ready to give advice and help. I have also enjoyed running the getCONNECTED workshop in primary schools. This is one of the many public engagement activities that Edinburgh Neuroscience runs and has been a great way to improve my communication skills and confidence." Tizzy Allison, current PhD student in the Centre for Cognitive and Neural Systems

"The three years of my PhD in Edinburgh were genuinely some of the best of my life. The research environment was friendly and stimulating, people were always interested to hear about what I was up to in the lab and offer advice and help whenever it was needed.  There is a real collaborative ethos within Edinburgh Neuroscience which was exciting to be part of, helped along by the many seminars and social events, which together made my PhD experience highly enjoyable and productive."" Dr Abi Herrmann, former PhD student, now postdoctoral reseracher in the Centre for Cognitive and Neural Systems