Caledonian Society of Clinical Pharmacology Meeting

Caledonian Society of Clinical Pharmacology Meeting


November 6, 2018
Wellcome Trust Auditorium, Queen's Medical Research Institute, Edinburgh Bioquarter

Researchers are welcome to pop in for any talks they are interested in:

Session 1 Chair: Professor David Webb

1000-1030 Dave Newby, “Aortic Stenosis: It is all about being hard hearted”

1030-1100 Jesse Dawson, “Secondary prevention after stroke and TIA - a bit more than aspirin!”

1100-1130 Brian McKinstry, “Telemonitoring Blood Pressure at Scale. Time for action”

1130-1210 Helen Colhoun , “Measuring drug effectiveness and safety with ‘big data’ in Scotland: opportunities and challenges”

Session 2 Chair: Dr Euan Sandilands

1300-1330 Isla Mackenzie, “Best approaches for helping patients with hypertension with multiple drug intolerances or adherence issues”

1330-1400 Tom MacDonald, ESH/ESC & AHA Blood Pressure guidelines Difference and similarities and what do we do about diabetes

1400-1430 James Dear, Paracetamol poisoning – new approaches to an old problem”

Session 3 Chair: Dr Tom Caparrotta

1450-1510 Alan Cameron, “Achieving the Optimal Benefits of Thrombolysis for Acute Stroke”

1510-1530 Andrea Llano, Investigating causal relationships of blood pressure on type 2 diabetes and implications for treatment”

1530-1550 Jame McCrae , Poxvirus-derived EGFR ligands promote an immunosuppressive environment via EGFR stimulation on regulatory T cells

1550-1610 Mellissa MacNaughton, “Developing a test to measure antihypertensive drugs in patient urine”

Session 4 Chair: Dr Jame McCrae

1610-1710 Medical Students’ Abstract Competition (1h, 4 x 15 mins)