Edinburgh α-Synuclein Workshop

Edinburgh α-Synuclein Workshop


September 25, 2018
SCRM Seminar Room, 5 Little France Drive, Edinburgh, EH16 4UU

13.30  Tilo Kunath – MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine

“Introduction to α-synuclein human iPSC and rat models”

13.45  Yixi Chen – Synthetic Biology PhD student with Tilo Kunath

“Engineering synucleinopathy-resistant neurons with CRISPR/Cas9 nickase”

13.55  Stephen West – Tissue Repair PhD student with Tilo Kunath

“Phenotyping a CRISPR-engineered G51D α-synuclein rat model”

14.05  Bhanu Singh – Post-doctoral fellow with Prof Cait MacPhee

 “Amyloid formation by α-synuclein in absence of air-water interface in a confined volume”

14.20  Mathew Horrocks ­– Lecturer in Chemistry and Dementia Research Institute

“Designer fluorescent peptides for the super-resolution imaging of protein aggregates”

14.35  Joanna Koszela  ­– Post-doctoral fellow with Prof Manfred Auer

“Real-time tracking of ubiquitination cascades using a confocal on-bead assay”

14.50  Irene Pérez Pi  ­– Post-doctoral fellow with Prof Manfred Auer

“A novel bead-based assay for early α-synuclein oligomerization”

15.05  Coffee break and discussions

15.45  Suneil Kalia – Division of Neurosurgery, Toronto Western Hospital

“Chaperoning Parkin mediated mitophagy”

16.15  Lorraine Kalia – Krembil Research Institute, Toronto

“Parkinsonism due to A53E α-synuclein: clinical, genetic, epigenetic, and biochemical features”

16.45  Q&A