Neuroscience Day 2017 Programme

Neuroscience Day 2017 Programme


Photograph of our Neuroscience Day meeting

Over 300 neuroscientists from students to professors, from basic researchers to clinicans and psychologists

Photograph of poster session

Over 60 posters each year  - from development to old age!



photograph of student talk winners

Our 2016 PhD student 3 minute talk winners

- Katie Marwick and Angela de Bruin



Photograph of students at Neuroscience Day

A fantastic opportunity to meet colleagues, make new friends, and start new collaborations

08.30     Arrival and registration

Session 1

Chaired by: Prof Siddharthan Chandran, Director, Edinburgh Neuroscience

09.00     Welcome, Prof Siddharthan Chandran, Director, Edinburgh Neuroscience and Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences

09.10     The ECAS: Measuring cognition and behaviour in Motor Neurone Disease, Prof Sharon Abrahams, Psychology

09.35     The ins and outs of glucocorticoid action, Prof Brian Walker, Centre for Cardiovascular Science

10.00     Synaptic dysfunction and neurodevelopmental disorders, Prof David Wyllie, Centre for Integrative Physiology

10.25     Coffee/tea and posters


Session 2

Chaired by: Professor Jean Manson, The Roslin Institute

11.00  Fellows Session

           Cognitive control in children: Making sense of the environment to behave adaptively, Dr Nicholas Chevalier, Chancellor's Fellow, Psychology

           Prions: Bench towards Bedside, Dr Abi Diack, Tenure-Track Fellow, The Roslin Institute

          “Self-Eating” in the survival and treatment of brain tumours, Dr Noor Gammoh, Chancellor's Fellow, Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre

            Computational model-based analysis of learning and memory: stress, genes and prediction, Dr Gedi Luksys, Edinburhg-Zhejiang Fellow, Centre for Cognitive & Neural Systems

12.15    Regional heterogeneity in the ageing synaptic proteome, Dr Tom Wishart, The Roslin Institute

12.40     Lunch and posters

13.00  and 13.30 - Demonstration by University of Edinburgh Research Data Services of DataShare, the university open access repository, for storing data. At their stand in the concourse area.


Session 3

Chaired by:  Professor Cathie Sudlow, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences

14.00  PhD Student 3 Minute talks

           Ubiquitin pathways link spinal muscular atrophy and Charcot–Marie–Tooth disease, Hanah Shorrock, Centre for Integrative Physiology

           What causes Parkinson's Disease - a Systems Biological View, Katharina Heil, Informatics

           Cognitive performance in Major Depressive Disorder: combining multiple datatypes, Joeri Meijsen, Centre for Genomic & Experimental Medicine

           Chondrolectin in Motor Axon Development and Motor Neuron Disease Screening in Zebrafish, Hannah Smith, Centre for Neuroregeneration

            Maternal Care in the domestic chicken is associated with increased mesotocin in the hypothalamus, Yana Aleksandrova, The Roslin Institute

14.30     Bilingualism, music and cognitive reserve: magic or logic?, Dr Thomas Bak, Psychology

14.55     Lets take a closer look at immune cells in the brain, Prof Joseph Priller, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences

15.20     Coffee/tea and posters


Session 4

Chaired by:  Professor Joanna Wardlaw, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences

15.50     Announcement of the Poster and 3 minute talk competition winners

16.00     Annual Distinguished Lecture in Neuroscience 2017

The Nightlife of the BrainProfessor Maiken Nedergaard, Co-Director, Department of Neurosurgery, Center for Translational Neuromedicine, University of Rochester Medical Center, and Head of Centre for Basic and Translational Neuroscience, University of Copenhagen

17.00      Close of meeting

19.00      Speakers dinner at The Old Bell (hosted by the Honours Neuroscience students)