Cajal embroidery project - Lancet Neurology article and front cover

Tuesday, 5 January, 2021

We start the New Year with some exciting updates about the Cajal Embroidery Project we have been coordinating.

Originally conceived for the FENS Forum meeting  in Glasgow last year (which ended up online) Edinburgh Neuroscience members Professor Cathy Abbott (Institute of Genetics  & Molecular Medicine) and Dr Jane Haley (Edinburgh Neuroscience coordinator) have worked with neuroscientists and embroiderers worldwide to create a tribute to Cajal on the aniversary of the foundation of the Cajal Institute in 1920.  Embroideries based on Cajal illustrations of neurons have been submitted from all over the world and they will be stitched together to create a large 81 panel exhibit. This has all taken place during the coronovirus pandemic.

The project has really taken on a life of its own and, in December, it featured in an article reflecting on Cajal, in Lancet Neurology (lead author Dr Arpan Mehta, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences). The journal loved the embroideries and asked if we could produce front covers with a short accompanying reflection piece.  The January front cover and article is now published and features a beautiful embroidery of a cortical network from Dr Rebecca Devon (Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences), and accompanies an 'in context' peice 'A museum for Cajal's Legacy' by Arpan Mehta, Javier DeFelipe (Professor, Cajal Institute, Madrid) and Juan A De Carlos (Curator, The Cajal Legacy).