Neuroresearchers Fund receives loving boost!

Neuroresearchers Fund receives loving boost!


Tuesday, 19 March, 2019

Our Neuroresearchers Fund has received a welcome boost thanks to the generosity of two former Neuroscience Honours students who married last year and asked their guests, as part of their wedding registry, to donate to the Neuroresearchers Fund.

Patrick and Hanna Hillan (nee Nowers) met as neuroscience students in Edinburgh, graduating in 2010, and both were involved with Edinburgh Neuroscience events and activities. Hanna helped deliver our getCONNECTED workshop and Patrick delivered the Honours student vote of thanks at the Neuroscience Day 2010 dinner with Prof Karl Diesseroth (Stanford University) who was our Annual Distinguished Lecturer that year.  

Hanna said "Patrick and I met studying Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh. We are so passionate about the field of neuroscience and giving back to a cause that is so near to us. With the money, we hope we can support neuroscientists in breaking out of the silos of their labs to help hone their skills and broaden their opportunities and collaborations".

The Neuroresearchers Fund aims to further the career development of early-years researchers and, by doing so, bring added benefit to research in the wider Edinburgh Neuroscience community.  Since it was established in 2010 the Neuroresearchers Fund has awarded a total of £35,300 to 41 individuals and is genuinely resulting in long-term benefits to the recipients and to the Edinburgh Neuroscience community.  The 2019 call for applications is now open with a deadline of 30 April 2019.

We are thrilled that two of our former students should remember us in this way and we look forward to using the funds to support  early years researchers in Edinburgh.