Our Research Centres

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Using cutting-edge technologies to advance research

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Informing research to transform treatment  

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Bringing together patients, clinicians, social scientists and researchers

The Edinburgh Neuroscience research community is drawn from right across the University of Edinburgh, with the majority of groups based in interdisciplinary research centres within Edinburgh Medical School in the College of Medicine & Veterninary Medicine. These centres sit alongside university-wide, often philanthropically funded, themed research centres.

Edinburgh Medical School


Our Centres of Excellence

These sit alongside other centres of excellence within the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine  

Our university-wide, themed, interdisciplinary centres 

Our research is strategically organised around a number of research centres, including our (often philanthropically-funded) interdisciplinary centres that bring together researchers, patients and social scientists to study conditions across the life course:


Our research environment

Our research benefits from access to cutting edge technical and data approaches, made available via expert groupings such as: