Neuroresearchers Fund

Neuroresearchers Fund


Aim of the fund

The Edinburgh Neuroscience Neuroresearchers Fund aims to further the career development of early-years researchers and, by doing so, bring added benefit to research in the wider Edinburgh Neuroscience community.  Since it was established in 2010 the Neuroresearchers Fund has awarded a total of £35,300 to 41 individuals and is genuinely resulting in long-term benefits to the recipients and to the Edinburgh Neuroscience community.

We fund proposals that are innovative and interdisciplinary and that will lead, hopefully, to applications for independent funding.  Examples of proposals currently supported by the fund:

  • Study visits to establish new research collaborations that will extend your research.  These visits should expect to achieve outcomes that could not be dealt with via email/Skype etc (up to £1,500).
  • Training visits to international quality laboratories or research groups to learn new techniques not available in Edinburgh (up to £1,500). Please note, these visits are primarily for the purposes of training and learning new skills, not research


Eligibility Criteria

  • You should be working or studying (postgraduate) at the University of Edinburgh (clinical staff should have an honorary contract with the University)
  • You should not hold a permanent position at the University; you should be a PhD student, an early independent career researcher,(including Chancellor's Fellow's), or postdoc (or clinical equivalents)
  • Your proposal should be aimed at developing your career, preferably with the aim of applying for independent funding (e.g. fellowship or other grant), and producing tangible benefits for the wider Neuroscience research community at Edinburgh.
  • Proposals should normally be completed within a year of the award unless an extension is agreed
  • You should be prepared to write a report on your project


Previous Successful Applications

Since 2010, forty-one Edinburgh Neuroscience researchers have benefited from a Neuroresearchers Fund award, ranging from £150 to £2,000 (mean award was £796). Applications that can offer a matching funding option have been especially welcomed in the past.

Click here for examples of successful applications.


If you have  questions

The Neuroresearchers Fund committee are happy to informally answer any queries about the Neuroresearchers Fund and you are encouraged to talk to either Dr Jane Haley (Edinburgh Neuroscience) or a member of the committee before submitting an application. The committee currently consists of:


How to apply



There will be one call a year with a deadline of 30 April.