Training and Learning


Resources for UKRI forms and processes

We’re aware that colleagues can find it hard to get their heads around the new UKRI application forms and processes. Helpfully, the brilliant Helen Nickerson at the IGC has collated some resources to help with this, which we have shamelessly included below.

  1. SULSA is running a training session this Thursday 30th November 2023, at 10am– 12noon (registration required)
  1. IAD has a blog and library of CVs resource
  1. Royal Society resource: Résumé for Researchers, Opening up conversations about researcher evaluation
  2. Guidance from Leeds University- Creating your Resume for Researchers or Narrative CV  


Digital Research Bootcamp 2023

This is an intensive in-person two-day training course covering everything from data management to high performance computing. It is meant for PGRs, research staff, professional staff and can be tailored to your level of expertise and needs.

  • 4th and 5th December  
  • 50 George Square - 1.02 Computer Lab 2 and Project Room 1.06
  • Free for University members


Lunchtime Session: Introduction to Open Science Framework 

Join for a free lunch and a chance to find out all about the University’s latest Open Research Tool! Spoiler! It’s a data sharing network designed to enhance collaborative research by providing centralized storage, integration, and sharing across the entire data lifecycle. Edinburgh Neuroscience colleagues Emma Wilson and Gillian Currie will share their experiences and training opportunities to get started.

  • Wednesday 6th December, 2023 at 1pm
  • Centre for Research Collections, 6th Floor, Main Library, George Square


 2024 Advanced Research Training Courses at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, USA 

MBL courses are meant to empower students to pursue science at the very highest level and work directly with outstanding faculty from around the world to enable novel experiments that test new ideas and foster a network of collaboration. Financial support is available. 



Workshops: FAIR in (circadian) practice or How to work with your data

Are you a researcher in chronobiology eager to embrace Open Science and FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) principles in your work? If so, join this hands-on workshop and equip yourself with essential data management skills to enhance your research practices.

  • There will be a total of four half-day sessions: 18th, 23rd, 25th and 30th January 2024 
  • All sessions run from 1.30pm – 5.30pm 
  • Workshops are essentially free, just a small Eventbrite free to prevent no-shows


UK Research Integrity Office webinars taking place over the next few months


QLife: Quantitative Biology Winter School Series in Paris 

This Winter School aims to familiarize participants with the latest concepts and technical developments, as well as with current issues and practical know-how, in the recording and manipulation of neuronal activity, in the design and analysis of rodent behavioural training and in the analysis and modelling of learning in neuronal networks. The course will include introductory lectures in the morning, followed by digital practicals in the afternoon. The evenings will include keynote speaker seminars and poster presentations by the students.

  • 25th – 29th March 2024 
  • Open to Msc and PhD students 
  • Application deadline: 28th January 2024  
  • Registration fee 150 euros 

BNA Careers and Talent Recruitment Fair

Perfect for student and early career BNA members, BNA’s inaugural Careers and Talent Recruitment Fair aims to inform delegates on possible career opportunities and directly connect delegates to potential employers and organisations. It is designed to meet members' needs, and to provide a unique pool of talent for potential employers. Delegates can book 1-on-1 meetings with representatives from various organisations from across the breadth of the neuroscience sector, as well as engage in open networking, and hear from inspirational leaders.

  • 22nd February 2024, Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, London 


EMBO Molecular Neurobiology workshop 

This workshop aims to bring together researchers working on molecular processes in the nervous system. It emphasizes cross-disciplinary research and promotes collaboration between the structural biology, biophysics and “in vivo” communities. The talks will be on the latest breakthroughs in structural biology, advanced imaging, and advanced biological models in neurobiology. The sessions will cover aspects of: neuronal cell navigation and differentiation, cell-surface receptor signaling, synapse biology, neuronal wiring, methods development, and will highlight progress in understanding associated diseases mechanisms.

  • 13th – 17th May 2024, Heraklion, Greece  
  • Registration deadline: 6th March 2024 


Free webinar on Co-production: participant and stakeholder involvement in research by UK Research Integrity Office

In this webinar, expert speakers will explore the benefits and challenges of 'participatory research,' including the ethical issues it raises. This approach to research ‘encompasses research designs, methods, and frameworks that use systematic inquiry in direct collaboration with those affected by an issue being studied for the purpose of action or change’.

  • Wednesday 28th June, 10:00 - 11:00am.


Human Brain Anatomy Course (in person), King's College London 

This exciting 2-day course from 10am-4pm, consists of a series of in-person lectures covering all aspects of human brain anatomy in a very clear and accessible way. These are integrated with live Neuroanatomy video demonstrations and 'hands-on' practical sessions using preserved human brain specimens and detailed anatomical models. Guided by a team of experienced anatomy demonstrators, the practical component will help consolidate your learning and give you a solid, three-dimensional understanding of the human brain.  

  • Saturday 1st – Sunday 2nd July
  • Location: Anatomy dissection room, King's College London  
  • Places strictly limited. Suitable for undergraduates and postgraduates in neuroscience, psychology and medicine. 
  • Price: £395 (with instant access to 8 online preparatory modules)- Option to pay in 4 monthly installments  
  • Course Director:  Dr Paul Johns, Consultant Neuropathologist, Reader in Clinical Neuroanatomy 


Meta-research Methods Webinar Series

Want to learn about methods for conducting meta-research (research on research, or the science of science) studies? Join our Meta-research Methods Webinar Series!

  • When: Mondays 5pm CEST
  • What: Each presenter will briefly discuss a meta-research study that they completed; then share common problems to look for when reading these types of studies, anticipated challenges and how to handle them, and other tips and lessons learned. 


FENS-Hertie Winter School: Neuroscience of Mental Health

This Winter School will cover a broad range of topics focusing on the cognitive and computational processes, brain circuits, neurochemicals, genetics and environmental influences that drive mental health problems. It will bring together clinical and basic neuroscientists working on core problems in mental health neuroscience, relevant to understanding symptoms, risk factors and treatments across a broad range of mental health problems, including depression, anxiety, psychosis and compulsive behaviours.The course is meant for PhD students and early-career postdocs with a background in either human or basic neuroscience, and preferably some knowledge of the subject.

  • Sunday 3rd – Saturday 9th December
  • Obergurgl, Austria
  • Registration deadline: Monday 26th June 2023
  • Registration fees:
    • 520 euros for FENS members (and remember, if you’re a BNA member you’re also automatically a FENS member!)
    • 640 euros for non-members.
    • Four stipends are available from FENS, intended for candidates with no other source of funding