Translational Neuroscience - Publications by our students

Translational Neuroscience - Publications by our students


Our Cohort 1 students

Our Cohort 2 students

Our PhD programme is still very new - our cohort 1 students only entered third year in September 2018. They are, however, already publishing, including work from the rotation mini-projects they undertook in year 1. Student authors are highlighted in bold. This page will be updated as more publications are submitted.



Eleanor K Pickett, Abigail G Herrmann, Jamie McQueen, Kimberly Abt, Owen Dando, Jane Tulloch, Pooja Jain, Sophie Dunnett, Sadaf Sohrabi, Maria Fjeldstad, Will Calkin, Leo Murison, Rosemary J Jackson, Makis Tzioras, Anna Stevenson, Marie D'Orange, Monique Hooley, Caitlin Davies, Iris Oren, Jamie Rose, Chris-Anne McKenzie, Elizabeth Allison, Colin Smith, Oliver Hardt, Christopher M Henstridge, Giles Hardingham, Tara Spires-Jones (2019), Reducing tau ameliorates behavioural and transcriptional deficits in a novel model of Alzheimer's disease, Cell Reports, in press

Weaver NA, Zhao L, Biesbroek JM, Kuijf HJ, Aben HP, Bae H-J, Caballero MAA, Chappell FM, Chen CPLH, Dichigans M, Duering M, Georgakis MK, van der Giessen RS, Gyanwali B, Hamilton OKL, Hilal S, vom Hofe AM, de Kort PLM, Koudstaal PJ, Lam BYK, L J-S, Makin SDJ, Mok VCT, Shi L, Valdes Hernandez MC, Venketasubramanian N, Wardlaw JM, Wollenweber FA, Wong A, Xin X, Meta VCI Map consortium, Biessels GJ. (2019), The Meta VCI Map consortium for meta-analyses on strategic lesion locations for vascular cognitive impairment using lesion-symptom mapping: Design and multicenter pilot study, Alzheimer's & Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment & Disease Monitoring, 11:310-326, PMCID: PMC6465616

Hamilton OKL, Zhang Q, McRae AF, Walker RM, Morris SW, Redmond P, Campbell A, Murray AD, Porteous DJ, Evans KL, McIntosh AM, Deary IJ,Marioni RE (2019). An epigenetic score for BMI based on DNA methylation correlates with poor physical health and major disease in the Lothian Birth Cohort 1936, International Journal of Obesity, ePub Mar 2019, PMID: 30842548


Marwick KFM*, Stevenson AJ*, Davies C, Lawrie SM. (2018). Application of n-of-1 treatment trials in schizophrenia: systematic review. The British Journal of Psychiatry, 213: 398-403. PMCID: PMC6025794  *Joint first authors.

McCartney DL, Stevenson AJ, Walker RM, Gibson J, Morris SW, Campbell A, Murray AD, Whalley HC, Porteous DJ, McIntosh AM, Evans KL, Deary IJ, Marioni REM (2018). Investigating the relationship between DNA methylation age acceleration and risk factors for Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's & Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment & Disease Monitoring., 10: 429–437 PMCID: PMC6111045

Tzioras, M.*, Davies, C.*, Newman, A., Jackson, R., and Spires-Jones, T. (2018). APOE at the interface of inflammation, neurodegeneration and pathological protein spread in Alzheimer's disease. Neuropathol Appl Neurobiol., 45: 327-346 * Co-first authors. PMID: 30394574 (Review)

Johnstone M, Fetit R. (2018) HippoCA3mpal stem cell models expose dysfunctional circuits in schizophrenia. Cell Stem Cell, 22(5): 684-697.

Daniel L. McCartney*, Robert F. Hillary*, Anna J. Stevenson, Stuart J. Ritchie, Rosie M. Walker, Qian Zhang, Stewart W. Morris, Mairead L. Bermingham, Archie Campbell, Alison D. Murray, Heather C. Whalley, Catharine R. Gale, David J. Porteous, Chris S. Haley, Allan F. McRae, Naomi R. Wray, Peter M. Visscher, Andrew M. McIntosh, Kathryn L. Evans, Ian J. Deary, and Riccardo E. Marioni (2018). Epigenetic prediction of complex traits and death. Genome Biol. 19: 136 - 147. PMCID: PMC6158884

Caitlin Davies and Tara L Spires-Jones (2018), Complementing tau: new data shows the complement system is involved in degeneration in tauopathies, Neuron 100: 1267 – 1269, PMID: 30571935 (preview article)

Anna Stevenson; Daniel L McCartney; Sarah E Harris; Adele M Taylor; Paul Redmond; John M Starr; Qian Zhang; Allan F McRae; Naomi R Wray; Tara L Spires-Jones; Barry W McColl; Andrew M McIntosh; Ian J Deary; Riccardo E Marioni (2018). Trajectories of inflammatory biomarkers over the eighth decade and their associations with immune cell profiles and epigenetic ageing,  Clinical Epigenetics 10:159, PMCID: PMC6302523

McCartney, D.L., Stevenson, A.J., Hillary, R.F., Walker, R.M., Gibson, J., Morris, S.W., Campbell, A., Murray, A.D., Whalley, H.C., Porteous, D.J., McIntosh, A.M., Evans, K.L., Deary, I.J., Marioni, R.E. (2018). Epigenetic signatures of stopping and starting smoking, EBioMedicine 37:214-220, PMCID: PMC6286188

Johnstone M, Hillary RF, St. Clair D. (2018) Stem Cells to Inform the Neurobiology of Mental Illness. Biomarkers in Psychiatry.  Curr Top Behav Neurosci [epub ahead of publication] (book chapter)


Submitted, available on bioRxiv

Eleanor K Pickett,  .. Anna Stevenson, Marie D'Orange, Monique Hooley, Caitlin Davies, ...Tara Spires-Jones.  Reducing tau ameliorates behavioural and transcriptional deficits in a novel model of Alzheimer's disease. Submitted 2018