Photograph of laboratory research
photograph of optogenetics experiment

The RS MacDonald Seedcorn Fund

This new fund supports the development of neuroscience research projects and collaboration at the University of Edinburgh.

This call is currently open, deadline 06 November 2017.


The Neuroresearchers Fund

Awards are aimed at helping further the career development of our early-years researchers and, by doing so, bring added benefit to research in the wider Edinburgh Neuroscience community.

This call is currently open, deadline 06 November 2017


WR Henderson Scholarship

This is awarded annually and aims to allow motivated students to gain experience and opportunities that will promote their future research careers in brain sciences. It will be awarded to undergraduate students (including those in their final year of study) to allow them to pursue laboratory research over the summer vacation in a laboratory within Edinburgh Medical School: Biomedical Sciences, University of Edinburgh.

The call for application opens on 01 May each year, with a submission deadline of 31 May

The next call will open on 01 May, deadline 30 May 2018