UK DRI @ Edinburgh Annual Symposium 2019 - Programme

UK DRI @ Edinburgh Annual Symposium 2019 - Programme


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Tuesday 30 April 2019


8.30 am - Registration with tea/coffee

9.00 am - Welcome from Giles Hardingham (UK DRI Associate Director)


Session I: University of Edinburgh invited speakers

09.10 am - Charles ffrench-Constant, "Oligodendrocytes and dementia"

09.35 am - Anna Williams, "Oligodendroglial-endothelial cell interactions in cerebral small vessel disease"

10.00 am - Catherina Becker, "Inflammation controls successful spinal cord repair in the zebrafish"

10.25 am - David Hunt

10.50 am - Tea/coffee break


Session II: UK DRI Edinburgh research programmes

11.20 am - Bhuvaneish Selvaraj (on behalf of Siddharthan Chandran), "Transcriptomic approach to identify motor neuron dysfunction in C9ORF72-ALS"

11.40 am - Una Clancy (on behalf of Joanna Wardlaw), "Dynamic lesions and symptoms in people at risk of vascular dementia"

12 noon - Mike Daniels (on behalf of Barry McColl), "Investigating microglial lyosome function and the role of cystatin F in neurodegenerative disease"

12.20 pm - Marti Colom Cadena (on behalf of Tara Spires-Jones), "Array tomography: Studying synaptic pathology in human brains with neurodegenerative diseases"

12.40 pm - Zoeb Jiwaji (on behalf of Giles Hardingham), “Astrocyte-specific transcriptional profiling reveals a neuroprotective role for astrocyte Nrf2 in a model of human tauopathy”

1.00 pm - Matthew Livesy

1.20 pm  - Lunch with posters


Session III: University of Edinburgh invited speakers

2.30 pm - Will Whiteley, "Yes, simple trials of dementia prevention are posible"

2.55 pm  - Seth Grant, "Synaptome mapping in neurodegeneration"

3.20 pm - Cathie Sudlow

3.45 pm - David Lyons, "Using zebrafish for discovery"

4.10 pm - Tea/coffee break


Session IV: Keynote speaker

4.40 pm - Miratul Muqit, University of Dundee, "Decoding mitochondrial signalling pathways in Parkinson's disease"

5.30 pm - Close and thanks followed by wine reception