EASTBIO funded PhD projects in Neuroscience

A student looking down a microscope
A photo of a young man in the lab, taken from behind reagent bottles with blue caps
Two women seated at a desk, looking at two computer screens with brain scans on them.
A close-up of a microscope lens
A microscope image of a single neuron
An image of a plate full of immuno-electron microscopy drops
Blue light under a microscope
Staff member operating a fume hood
Gloved hand holding an eppendorf tube and a pipette going in the tube

The following projects are currently open for applications under the EASTBIO BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership.

Please click on the links to find out more about the projects and the application process. The application process is the same for all these projects, but you can only apply to one project from the list.


Employing organoids to investigate the role of PAX6 in neural connectivity during human forebrain development

First supervisor: Dr Sam Booker 

Second supervisors: Dr Wai Kit Chan & Prof John Mason

Investigating the interaction between microglia, inflammation and neuronal health in iPSC-organoid models of tauopathy

First supervisor: Dr Kathryn Bowles

Second supervisor: Dr Barry McColl

Neural Circuits of Kinship Behaviour

First supervisor: Dr Ann Clemens

Using CRISPR/Cas-mediated reporter knock-in to elucidate the diverse identities of oligodendrocyte precursor cells in central nervous system plasticity and repair

First supervisor: Prof Tim Czopka

Second supervisor: Prof Anna Williams

Thalamocortical control of goal-directed movement

First supervisor: Prof Ian Duguid

Second supervisor: Prof Matthias Henning

How do neural dynamics in the prefrontal thalamocortical circuitry contribute to decision makings in cognitive flexibility?

First supervisor: Dr Jian Gan

Second supervisor: Prof Peggy Series

Mapping the happy brain: brain activation in response to positive emotional states in the rat

First supervisor: Dr Alistair Lawrence

Second supervisorsDr Vincent Bombail, (Scotland's Rural College), Dr Sarah BrownProf Peter  Kind  

How to environmental oxygen levels affect axon degeneration?

First supervisor: Dr Lyndsay Murray

Second supervisor: Prof Ian Ganley, University of Dundee

Development and application of ultra-high frame rate imaging approaches to investigate neural dynamics underlying learning and memory

First supervisor: Prof Matt Nolan

Second supervisor: Dr Istvan Gyongy  and Dr Srinjoy Mitra

Physiological relevance of synaptic compensatory plasticity in freely behaving animals

First supervisor: Dr Patricio Opazo

Second supervisor: Prof Giles Hardingham

Enhancing musculoskeletal tissue engineering through anatomical design and physiological movement

First supervisor: Dr Jennifer Paxton

Second supervisor: Dr Jan Vorstius, University of Dundee

Investigating the emergence of interneuron phenotypes caused by the 16p11.2 polygenic risk factor

First supervisor: Dr Thomas Pratt

Second supervisor: Dr Sam Booker

Sex-dependent impact of calorie restriction on brain function

First supervisor: Prof Nathalie Rochefort

Second supervisor: Dr Will Cawthorn

Sense and Sensibility: How Brain Plasticity Underpins Sensory Experience and Learning

First supervisor: Dr Leena Williams

How does the brain find the way: investigating the neural circuits underlining the sense of direction

First supervisor: Prof Emma Wood

Second supervisor: Prof Paul Dudchenko, University of Stirling