My Depression, Your Depression – Same Name, Different Story

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Get involved and create your digital story

This project aims to collect digital stories of depression which can be shown at public events (whether virtual or in-person) to reduce stigma around depression and to increase awareness of how depression impacts people in very individual ways.

Creating Digital Stories

Digital stories are short videos (2-5 minutes) created by bringing together a series of pictures or photos with a voiceover (see examples below).

The project is run by Dr Iona Beange, Knowledge Exchange and Impact Officer at The Division of Psychiatry, University of Edinburgh.

The digital stories will be created by roughly 8 people from each of the following groups:

  • Young people (age 16-25) with lived experience of depression or anxiety symptoms in their early teens (currently recruiting)

  • Relatives of people with lived experience of depression (currently recruiting)

  • Adults with lived experience of depression (Recruitment now closed. These digital stories will be available soon)

  • Researchers who research depression (Recruitment now closed. These digital stories will be available soon)

This process will be facilitated by Patient Voices, a social enterprise working to create and distribute first-person narratives of health and social care to un-earth and deliver insight from within organisations.

What is involved?

Each group of people will meet online for 2 hours per week for 6 weeks to find their story, develop and write a script, record their story telling, add pictures and share it with the group.

Every individual has full autonomy of their story – what they include and what they don’t, including whether to add their name or remain anonymous.  

We will share links to the digital stories here as they are created and uploaded to the Patient Voices website (with each author’s permission).

How to participate

If you would like to participate the in the “My Depression, Your Depression – Same Name, Different Story” project or have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on  If you want to find out more, before you sign-up for this project, you can attend one of our information sessions (please register on our Eventbrite page to receive the Zoom link):

Wed 24th Feb 7.30pm  Sun 28th Feb, 2pm  

If you are ready to sign up to participate, please complete our online form:

Examples of digital stories from Patient Voice’s previous projects:

ToTo’s “The patient who didn’t die”, recalls the unlikely survival of a patient in a clinical trial. It provides an insight into the wholeness that needs to characterise a researcher’s view of a patient.

Tom’s story ‘Depression’ tells of what this condition took away, as well as his road back into the world again, with dreams of the future once more.

Rawaid describes his father’s decline into isolation and depression, and how we suffer for those that we love.