Edinburgh Neuroscience Logos

Edinburgh Neuroscience formal logos

Our formal logo comes in 4 styles:  blue-red, blue only, black only, white only.

Edinburgh Neuroscience Internal logo

Members of Edinburgh Neuroscience are encouraged to use our logos on their posters, talks and websites. We have two logos:

University of Edinburgh - Edinburgh Neuroscience formal logo

Use this logo for letters, posters and talks, particularly when the presentations will be outside the University of Edinburgh. Make sure you keep the white background (unless using the white logo) and leave enough space around the logo so it is easily identifiable. Note: as of December 2018, we have new logos that supercede the previous version. We have four different versions click on the link to download individual jpg's, or download all 4 at once as a zip file.


Edinburgh Neuroscience internal logo

Use this logo for presentations and posters when being presented at University of Edinburgh events. This logo can also be used to ackowledge Edinburgh Neuroscience on University of Edinburgh websites.

Download here