Our Collaborations

Our Collaborations


Photograph of Indian Prime Minister visiting the joint NCBS laboratories in Bangalore

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, visiting the joint NCBS laboratories in Bangalore

Edinburgh Neuroscience has formal partnerships with several international institutes:

Aarhus University, Denmark

The University of Edinburgh has recently launched a joint PhD programme with Aarhus University, Denmark, which spans the Sciences, Medicine and Humantiites. Edinburgh Neuroscience is spearheading this programme in the College of Medicine with two studentships leading to the award of a joint PhD and a third, collaborative, PhD based in Edinburgh. This forms part of the EXEDE (Excellence in European Doctoral Training) programme - an inititative which aims to discuss, develop and evaluate practice in relation to excellence in European doctoral training.

Brain Centre Rudolf Magnus, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Edinburgh Neuroscience shares many reserach aims with the Brain Centre Rudolf Magnus in Utrecht and in 2011 we formed a partnership which has resulted in a free exchange of students and researchers between institutes, joint symposia and a sharing of trianing programmes. visit Brain Centre Rudolf Magnus website

National Centre for Biological Sciences and InStem, Bangalore, India

In 2011, Edinburgh Neurocience began a collaboration with NCBS, Bangalore which has now developed to include inStem and led to the establishment of a joint research programme between these three institutes and the establishemnt of the Center for Brain Development and Repair in Bangalore in 2013. The Centre, based at inStem, is funded by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, and has two Edinburgh Neuroscience members as Associate Directors: Prof Siddharthan Chandran and Prof Peter Kind. This collaborative centre will initially focus on Autism Spectrum Disorders/Intellectual Disabilities and the Centre will work towards developing strong translational studies in the field of neurological and psychiatric brain disorders.