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Photograph of Dr Jane Redford

Dr Jane Redford

Key Contact, Business Development 07971537669 Jane.Redford@ei.ed.ac.uk

The Edinburgh Innovations team care about your research and can help you navigate the route to bringing your ideas to life - innovations which have the potential to solve today's most difficult challenges.

Edinburgh Innovations Business Development Team for Neuroscience

  • Dr Jane Redford, Business Development - Your primary contact
  • Dr Gurman Pal - Consultancy
  • Dr Lysimachos Zografos - Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Dr Dave Prichard - IP Management
  • Dr Sue Bruce - IP Management
  • Dr Barbara Blaney - Company formation

More information on Edinburgh Innovations’ services for staff

When to contact us?

To get the most value from our support, please get in touch as early as possible to discuss your emerging ideas. We can steer you towards additional resources and discuss opportunities. Please get in touch when:

  • You have been approached by, are in discussion with, or wish to talk to companies about your research
  • You have a discovery that may be commercially applicable
  • You are considering applying for translational research funding, e.g. Innovate UK, WT iTPA, BBSRC, MRC Confidence in Concept.
  • You want to discuss anything related to knowledge exchange, translation or commercialisation

Please contact your Business Development Executive Jane Redford in the first instance

Jane is part of a wider team at Edinburgh Innovations who can access additional support for consultancy, company formation, technology transfer and IP translation. Please contact Jane by Phone (07971 537669 ) or Email for all new enquiries and to arrange a meeting.

What support do we offer?

We offer a detailed package of support and advice tailored to your individual needs which can include:

Market Intelligence Reports

Do you ever need market intelligence to support your translational grant applications?  For example, information on the market size and epidemiology data, which companies are working in this area, what type of compounds/devices are in development and at what stage.  EI has access to ‘intelligence database’  that can be used to obtain this information and in addition, identify companies working in a specific area for collaborative research.   This presentation from Edinburgh Innovations provides an overview of Global Data, the main database which we use, and highlights the information available. 

If you would like to discuss this further or would like us to carry out a specific search, please contact Jane Redford, your local Business development contact for Edinburgh Innovations.

Keep up to date

  • Events: Edinburgh Innovations organises various events throughout the year for University of Edinburgh staff. 
  • Impact Insider newsletter: Read and sign up to the latest edition of Impact Insider, your regular update from Edinburgh Innovations. This bi-monthly newsletter highlights a selection of our news and opportunities available to University staff through Edinburgh Innovations’ services. 
  • Blog: The latest news and announcements from Edinburgh Innovations can be found on our blog

Useful Resources

  • Enterprise toolkit:  Discover a range of online resources complementing our services, so you can continue your entrepreneurial journey at your own pace.
  • Translational funding:   We can connect you with funding programmes that support industry engagement, commercialisation activities and enterprise development.
  • iTPA hub:   We invite you to join the iTPA hub. Part of Edinburgh Innovations, the iTPA Hub is a translational research community for scientists who want their research to make a difference through practical application in the real world.

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