Building Bridges: Brain Development & Function

Building Bridges: Brain Development & Function


Genes and development group mini-symposium
May 29, 2019
Lecture Theatre, Hugh Robson Building, George Square


13:30 ‘TRAP-seq identifies novel signatures of translation dysregulation in mouse models of autism’Emily Osterweil, CDBS, University of Edinburgh

14:00 ‘Pax6 regulates the development of morphology and electrophysiological properties of the prethalamic neurons’Tian Tian, CDBS, University of Edinburgh

14.30 ‘Vision in action: contextual signals in mouse visual cortex’ , Nathalie Rochefort, CDBS, University of Edinburgh

15.00 'Investigating interplay between transcription factors and morphogens in neural progenitor fate decision’ , Kai Boon Tan, CDBS, University of Edinburgh

15.30  Tea / coffee break, 1st floor common room, HRB

Followed by CDBS Seminar:

16.00 ‘Fate and freedom in the developing neocortex’, Denis Jabaudon, University of Geneva

17.00 Meet the speakers over drinks and nibbles in the 1st floor common room, HRB – everyone welcome