Inflammatory Mechanisms in the Brain and Body

Inflammatory Mechanisms in the Brain and Body


January 18, 2019
Wellcome Auditorium, Queen's Medical Research Institute (QMRI), Little France Crescent, Edinburgh Bioquarter

Cross-centre symposium and social led by the Centre for Inflammation Research (CIR), Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences (CDBS) and Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences (CCBS). Join us for an afternoon of science talks, posters, networking and socialising bringing together staff and students from across the two centres.

Inflammation is increasingly recognised as an influential process in the development and progression of tissue injury and disease throughout the body, including the central nervous system. Inflammatory mechanisms can have both harmful and helpful influences on tissue damage, function, and repair, highlighting the importance and therapeutic potential in understanding how the harmful activities can be restrained and beneficial action harnessed. This symposium will bring together researchers working on inflammation across a range of organs and tissues using a variey of model systems/species and human subjects with the aim of introducing this research to a wider audience and fostering new cross-centre connections.

The symposium will incude short talks from group leaders, fellows/postdocs and students. Confirmed speakers include (listed alphabetically): Calum Bain, Catherina Becker, Lara Campana, Andrew Davidson, Yi Feng, Chris Gregory, David Hunt, Barry McColl, Veronique Miron, Josef Priller, Jing Qiu, Prakash Ramachandran, Calum Robb, Pranvera Sadiku, Dirk Sieger, Adriana Tavares, Will Wood.

We also invite poster presentations - Please note, space contraints limit us to 20 posters maximum and allocation will be on a first-come basis so please submit a brief (150 word max) abstract by 11th January 2019. Please send your abstract to Beverly Roberts at

The session will close with food, drinks (incuding beer and pizza) and a pub-style quiz from 4pm. Please take this great opportunity to gather informally with colleagues.

All University of Edinburgh staff and students are welcome to attend but you MUST register in advance as tickets are limited. Please register for BOTH the symposium and the social if you would like to attend both events. Registration closes on 9th January 2019.


11.00am Welcome and introduction (Will Wood)

11.10am Research talk 1: Yi Feng

11.25am Research talk 2: Veronique Miron, "The rise and fall of central nervous system macrophages driving regeneration"

11.40am Research talk 3: Dirk Siegler, "The role of microglia during brain tumour initiation"

11.55am Research talk 4: Adriana Tavares

12.10pm Short talk 1: Jing Qiu, "Microglia crosstalk with neurons and astrocytes"

12.20pm Short talk 2: Lara Campana, "PhosphoSTAT3 positively regulates macrophage phagocytosis during liver injury and regeneration"

12.30pm Short talk 3: Josef Priller

12.40pm Research talk 5: Barry McColl

12.55pm Research talk 6: Catherina Becker

1.10pm Poster session and lunch

2.30pm Research talk 7: Prakash Ramachandran

2.45pm Research talk 8: Calum Bain, "Tissue-specific imprinting of mononuclear phagocyte behaviour"

3.00pm Research talk 9: David Hunt

3.15pm Research talk 10: Chris Gregory

3.30pm Short talk 4: Andrew Davidson

3.40pm Short talk 5: Calum Robb

3.50pm Short talk 6: Pranvera Sadiku

4.00pm Networking and social event (including beer, pizza and pub quiz)


We hope to see you there!

Professor Will Wood (CIR) and Dr Barry McColl (CDBS)