Neuroscience Day 2024

People attending neuroscience day in a poster session
Edinburgh Neuroscience's annual flagship event!
April 18, 2024
Venue: Nucleus Building, King's Buildings campus, Edinburgh
Neuroscience Day 2024 Programme 

Please note- This event is now closed for registrations.


08.30    Arrival and Registration

Arrival tea/coffee, served in the ground floor reception area

Session I

Chair: Professor Malcolm Macleod, Edinburgh Neuroscience Co-Director 

09.15    Welcome remarks from Edinburgh Neuroscience Co-Directors

Professors Cathy Abbott and Malcolm MacLeod

09.25 Flask talks from new Group Leaders

Unlocking spinal cord regeneration across species

Dr Aida Rodrigo Albors, Centre for Regenerative Medicine

Prefrontal-hypothalamic control of innate drives

Dr Mahesh Karnani, Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences

Unbalanced protein turnover in neurodevelopmental disorders

Dr Susana Ribeiro dos Louros, Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences

The role of astrocyte subtypes in brain (dys)function

Dr Philip Hasel, Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences


09.45   Memory beyond the hippocampus- the hippocampus beyond memory

Professor Andrew Lawrence, School of Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences

10.00   Neurodegenerative Disorders: Mechanisms and Drug Discovery

Dr Kathy Evans, Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine


10.15  PhD Student Data Blitz

Chair: Dr Katy Marshall-Phelps, Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences 

Phosphodiesterase 7 inhibitors: From pre-clinical to clinical development of future drug for addiction disorders

Adana Keshishyan, Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences

Incomes and outcomes: Socioeconomic status, preterm birth and neurodevelopment

Katie Mckinnon, Centre for Reproductive Health

Understanding the consequence of LRRK2 dysregulation in human stem cell derived astrocytes

Áine Heffernan, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences

Temporal and regional vulnerability of white matter in Alzheimer’s disease pathology

Lucy Ryan, Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences

Investigating sleep problems and links to mental ill health in autistic children and adolescents


Reesha Zahir, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences

Spinal cord processing of touch and pain in a rat model of SYNGAP1 haploinsufficiency

Katarzyna Mazur, Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences

Are microglia important for the brain response to hypoxia in vivo?

Mila Redzic, Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences

Probing the AMPA receptor – con-ikot-ikot toxin interactions through molecular dynamics simulations and residue interaction network analysis.

Natalia Szlachetka, School of Biological Sciences

10.50    Refreshments & Posters


Session II

11:30 Emerging Stories

Chair: Professor Cathy Abbott, Edinburgh Neuroscience Co-Director  

The live human brain tissue research team - using our brains better

Dr Paul Brennan (Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences) and Dr Claire Durrant (Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences)

DNA methylation signatures of Major Depressive Disorder and antidepressant use

Dr Xueyi Shen, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences

Diffusion-weighted MR spectroscopy to measure neuroinflammation in depression

Arish Mudra Rakshasa-Loots, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences

Machine Learning EEG Biomarkers in SYNGAP1 Rodent Models and Patients

Dr Alfredo Gonzalez Sulser, Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences

Treating childhood dementias with stem cell gene therapy

Professor Brian Biggar, Institute for Regeneration and Repair

13.00 Lunch & Posters

13.30: Lunchtime demo: RWD

13.45: Lunchtime demo: Clear_Pixel


Session III

Chair: Prof Anna Williams, Centre for Regenerative Medicine

14.15    Shout-outs

Data Management

Dr Sean McKay. Edinburgh Neuroscience Data Manager

Wellcome Institutional Culture Change Fund

Dr Sara Shinton or Alex Peden, Institute for Academic Development

Open Science Framework

Emma Wilson, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences


14.30    Compensating and recovering from dendritic spine loss in Alzheimer’s disease

Dr Patricio Opazo, Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences

Developments in Metabolic Psychiatry

Dr Iain Campbell, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences

Does brain size affect seizure expression in models of CDKL5 deficiency disorder?

Professor Peter Kind, Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences

15.30 Refreshments & Posters


Session IV

Chair: Professor Joanna Wardlaw, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences

16.15  The Sir Colin Blakemore Memorial Lecture

Brain – vascular interactions in health and disease: genome to phenome

Professor Stéphanie Debette, University of Bordeaux


17.15    Drinks reception



We look forward to welcoming you!