Public Talk - Poor Air Quality: Polluting Hearts and Minds

February 20, 2019
Queen's Medical Research Institute, Edinburgh Bioquarter

Tom Russ, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, Mark Miller, University/BHF Centre for Cardiovascular Research

Air pollution is estimated to be responsible for several million premature deaths worldwide every year. The harmful effect of air pollution on the lungs is well known, but recent research suggests the damaging effects may be more widespread. In particular air pollution has been linked to heart disease and effects on the brain that may lead to dementia. Understanding how air pollution affects these different areas of the body will be crucial to strategies to reduce the effects of pollution on health.Join us to hear about new research into the ways that air pollution can affect our ‘hearts and minds’. Hear about how the microscopic particles in pollutants such as diesel exhaust have harmful effects on our blood vessels and blood cells and how this might contribute to heart disease and dementia. 

Doors open 4.30pm with teas and coffees available. Lab tours and/or workshops offered to S4-S6 school pupils (first-come-first-served) from 4.30pm-5.25pm. Event runs from 17:30 - 18:45. 

Refreshments available after event.