EVENT- Synesthesia: an external manifestation of internal neurodivergence

Tuesday, 24 October, 2023

Synesthesia is a collaborative and multi-disciplinary exhibition that brings together the work of various neurodivergent artists to explore the topic of neurodivergence. The aim is to allow the audience to connect and relate to people who may experience the world differently, with a particular focus on sensory stimuli, societal expectations and the internal workings of the mind - its horrors and its delights.

The exhibition consists of four rooms. Each room is an installation piece, comprising of individual works by different artists, along with props and interactive elements. Each of these spaces speaks to a different theme or ‘mood’ of neurodivergent experience. These four spaces are intended to be experienced in sequence, as they tell a story: assimilation, disintegration, affliction and reconciliation.

Importantly, Synesthesia does not attempt to represent a universal experience of neurodivergence - the goal is to recognise and celebrate its diversity. Overall, this project brings together the work of over 20 different neurodivergent artists and their unique perspectives.


Launch Event

To celebrate the opening of Synaesthesia, the opening night will bring together academic, creative and personal perspectives on this broad topic, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration. Be part of an evening of art and exploration, examining the topic of neurodivergence through the lens of philosophy, psychology, music, art and poetry.

The speakers and performers will introduce the audience to the social, cultural and political questions surrounding the issue of neurodiversity, as well as providing an insight into the internal experience of neurodivergent individuals.

The evening will begin with a welcome and introduction from the creative director of this project, Leo Hajducki. This will be followed by two short talks on the topic of Neurodivergence by psychologist, Amanda Pitkethly, and philosopher, Claire Field. Then, after a half hour interval, you will be treated to a collaborative performance of poetry from Anita Govan, Iona Zawinski and Gael Curran, accompanied by the musician, Mano Camatsos. Finally, the new jazz collective, Mimram, will bring the evening to a close.

After this the audience will have the opportunity to explore the exhibition itself.


Launch event tickets available at https://tickets.summerhall.co.uk/event/26:5860/26:88203/

Date and time: 9th November 2023 18:00

Location: Summerhall, Meadows Galleries


Exhibition dates- 9th-19th November 2023 at the Summerhall.

The exhibition was envisioned by Leo Hajducki and Directed and Curated by Leo Hajducki and Amy Milner.


This project has been supported by the OUR MIND Programme at the University of Edinburgh.