Translational Neuroscience - What do our students think?

We asked our current Translational Neuroscience PhD students what they thought about the PhD programme and this is what they said:

  • "The teaching and clinic visits open up disease areas that I wouldn't have even thought of, and pathological mechanisms with promising links across diseases.”
  • “The sheer breadth of topics we have been exposed to and constant support we have received has resulted in me completely changing path to an area I enjoy even more and one which I never felt capable of tackling prior to this course."
  • "As I have a primarily non-scientific background, the first year of the Translational Neuroscience Programme was extremely valuable for learning essential concepts and current techniques in neuroscience across the lifecourse. “
  •  “The programme is very interactive and urges us to think beyond lab work and engage in public events and activities.”
  • "Now, as I begin to plan a PhD project in which I have a guiding hand and a genuine personal interest, I am confident that it will continue to be so throughout this stage of my career. I feel very fortunate to have been given this opportunity.”
  • “Embarking on the Wellcome Trust PhD Programme in Translational Neuroscience has been the best decision I could have made”
  • "The cohort of students is a wonderful resource, as we share knowledge from our varied backgrounds, but also a great group of friends."
  • “On a personal level, it has allowed me to establish a strong social network with researchers coming from different scientific backgrounds.”
  • “Everyone in the course, across cohorts, gets on brilliantly which makes for an unrivalled PhD experience. If you have an interest in all things neuroscience, and have a genuine passion for improving the lives of patients, this course is perfect for you.” 

Publications from our current students

Although our PhD programme is still very new  (cohort 1, who entered the programme in September 2016, are currently completing their PhD's), our student are already publishing, including work from the rotation mini-projects they undertook during year 1.

Translational Neuroscience PhD student blog

Our PhD students run their own blog, where they talk about different experiences on the Translational Neuroscience PhD programme: